Thai Cuisine


spicyT1. Tofu / Vegetable Tom Yum Soup 10.95
spicyT2. Chicken Tom Yum Soup 10.95
spicyT3. Beef Tom Yum Soup 11.95
spicyT4. Shrimp Tom Yum Soup 12.95
spicyT5. Seafood Tom Yum Soup
Seafood combo includes jumbo shrimp, scallop, and crabmeat.
spicyT6. Tofu / Vegetable Coconut Milk Soup 10.95
spicyT7. Chicken Thai Coconut Milk Soup 10.95
spicyT8. Beef Thai Coconut Milk Soup 11.95
spicyT9. Shrimp Thai Coconut Milk Soup 12.95
spicyT10. Seafood Thai Coconut Milk Soup (Thom Kha)
Seafood combo soup includes jumbo shrimp, scallop and crabmeat

Hong Kong Style Noodles

T11. Tofu / Vegetable Hong Kong Noodle 12.95
T12. Chicken Hong Kong Noodle 12.95
T13. Beef Hong Kong Noodle 12.95
T13a. Shrimp Hong Kong Noodle 13.95

Curry Meals

(with White Rice)
spicyT14. Red Curry Chicken 13.95
spicyT15. Green Curry Chicken 13.95
spicyT16. Yellow Curry Chicken 13.95
spicyT17. Red Curry Beef 14.95
spicyT18. Green Curry Beef 14.95
spicyT19. Yellow Curry Beef 14.95
spicyT20. Red Curry Shrimp 15.95
spicyT21. Green Curry Shrimp 15.95
spicyT22. Yellow Curry Shrimp 15.95

Pad Thai

T23. Tofu / Vegetable Pad Thai 12.95
T24. Chicken Pad Thai 12.95
T25. Beef Pad Thai 12.95
T26. Shrimp Pad Thai 13.95